History of Zion Church

zion church1This is a brief history of the Church.

The Church was founded in 1874 and the present brick building was erected in 1899.

The original building was a corrugated metal building and fondly known as the “Iron Chapel”. Once the current building was built this “iron chapel” became the Schoolroom for the weekly Sunday school classes.

The founding Trust deed gives a measure of the spirituality of the founding members in that they adhered to the core doctrines of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The deed states:

“The said Chapel and buildings are to be used as a place of public worship for the service of Almighty God by a church of protestant dissenters, holding the sole authority of the Holy Scriptures and that interpretation of them usually called Evangelical, and upon trust to permit to officiate in the said chapel and premises such Pastor or Pastors holding the sole authority of the Holy Scriptures and that interpretation of them usually called Evangelical in contradistinction to unitarianism and Romanism and having been baptised on a profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ”.

Prior to the erection of the Church building in the period 1850-1870 a number of Welsh and English baptists met to worship in a cottage in Stryt Issa, Penycae.

Between 1874 and 1899 attendance at Sunday School averaged 70.

in 1899 it was agreed that Rev W B Jones would be offered a shared pastorate with “Salem Welsh Baptists” and he remained in office until 1921.

In 1923 the Church sought the help of Rev E Jones-Davies who had retired from ministry but agreed to help to pastor the fellowship. He continued until his death in 1928. During his ministry there was a steady growth in the work. During this time the Church was solemnized for marriages and the first couple to marry were Miss Maria Jones and Robert William Jones.

After this Rev M R Watkin became Pastor sharing his time between Zion and the Baptist church at Lodge, Brymbo until his death in 1932.

Thereafter and until 1943 the ministry was provided by various local preachers following which Rev John Lewis shared his pastorate between Salem and Zion.

During the 1950’s an evangelistic campaign was organised by Mr William Matthews, Senior deacon, which, through God’s gracious workings, led to much blessing and renewed spiritual life in the Church and particularly the young people. Sunday school attendance reached 125.

The church was subsequently served by local preachers and in January 1995 Mr Howard Williams agreed to pastor the Church until his retirement in 2009.

Throughout the years a number of young people were converted and some have been called to full time ministry throughout the UK and abroad.

We give thanks to God for His continued blessing and for maintaining a witness in the village for all these years and we pray that He will continue to keep us faithful in all things.